Are celebrities worth it?

It is undeniably easy to be charmed from the personas the celebrities wear onscreen, and we’re sometimes guilty of stretching this too much and thinking that they’re indeed the virtuous, morally sound characters that they play out to be.
How naive

We live in times where we’ve got easy access to information and therefore are easily predisposed or influenced.
The celebrities — including actors actresses, politicians, and sports icons — aren’t restricted only to our television screens but also have surpassed to our own Facebook, Instagram and Twitter feeds, blinding us of this world which exists beyond all this glitterati. On the flip side, that which we do not imitate are the “really” notable newsmakers like our soldiers that contributed to the thriving SURGICAL STRIKE.
Isn’t that something worth celebrating or celeb-like?
Even if their garments and footwear aren’t much to discuss, their attempt towards India’s powerful mission was so memorial. We definitely do not plaster our walls with their posters.

Do not get me wrong, I love watching TV shows and reality TV and movies and all of that stuff, but it seems like virtually every story on the news or Facebook Instagram, and things are all about Celebrities if there are soldiers over in different countries fighting for us to have the ability to live free. It’s unfortunate to think that a man or women who are fighting over in Pakistan or China or some place like that died to fight to protect India and they don’t get acknowledged for their efforts. If a celebrity gets married it’s front page news in all the tabloids, but if a soldier in Pakistan loses his head or another body part it isn’t even talked about, I’m not saying that individuals should not tune into celebrity’s lives, but I am saying that we must place our priorities in order. Celebrities are not the ones risking their lives for us, soldiers are. If a classroom of students is asked who their hero is it most likely be a celebrity which I find kind of sad. Well, a celebrity isn’t my hero, it’s the military and the navy and the marines and all of those people who are out there fighting for us, they are the heroes.